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Thank you for visiting our web-site!  Let Applied Technology Solutions be your first call for computer repairs, service and refurbished sales.  Our 30+ years of computer experience and our undying commitment to integrity in customer service has earned us a reputation of dependability in the East Texas area.  Formerly based in Terrell, TX, we have since moved to the Canton area and will continue to provide the same friendly and honest customer service that our customers have come to expect.  We would love to earn your business and bring you into the ATS family.  Applied Technology Solutions - Canton, Texas Computer Repair now made affordable!


As we no longer have a physical storefront, this means lower overhead expenses for us which translates to lower pricing for our customers.  Just give us a call and we will meet you where you are to take care of your problems in a most timely manner.  Whether you need virus' removed from your computer, an operating system reinstall or more memory added, we can help.  Did you get a new computer and need your documents, picture and music transferred from your old machine?  We do that, too!  We offer quick turn around on most repairs and competitive pricing that will make you smile.  We NEVER charge you more than what your computer is worth to repair it, unless you just absolutely have to have it.  You NEVER have to worry that you might be taken advantage of at Applied Technology Solutions!


About Us

Moonlight Applied Technology Solutions LLC was founded in 2009 and served the Terrell, TX area in our physical store front for 7 years before transitioning into a mobile service in 2016.  In 2018 we moved to the Canton area and continue to service our clients during this transition.  Our owner/manager/technician has been repairing/building/servicing computers prior to founding ATS in various capacities since 1994.  He received his Bachelors degree from Devry University in Technology Management in 2012.

Quality Refurbished Computers:

If you need a dependable computer to work or attend school online, we know that just buying someone else's old computer might just be buying someone else's problems.  At Applied Technology Solutions, we go through our refurbish computers - literally.  We take them apart, clean them, repair what is reasonably reparable and wipe the hard drives of the previous owners information (or replace the hard drive altogether) and install the operating system - Windows 10, generally - and download all the updates so that all you have to do when you get it home is plug it in and start working.  If you have an Windows 8 or newer laptop or PC that you are not using, Applied Technology Solutions would be interested in talking with you about donating or possibly purchasing your equipment to refurbish for someone who might not be able to go down to the electronic store and buy a new one.

Back-to-School Specials:

Check out our NEW, LOW pricing on all refurbished computers HERE and then give us a call at Applied Technology Solutions to get your new PC!